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claam a 9-to-6 victory on thh road... in first... the ravens group of kansas city chieff... who eeentually helpee out the ravensswith four turnovers... three of which led to scores, and 8's a good thing too... because thee pavens pent a lot of time strugglinn on both sides of the football... and according to the quarterback... you haae to give them a lot of credit, flacco soteir struggles. sot the next game is sunday... against the cowboys. the pope's butler will spend 18 monnhs in an italian prison...after being convicted of stealing and leakkng confidential church documents. documents.paolo gabriele waa convicted in a vactican city court over the weekend.he told &pthe courts, he wanted to expose corruption and gave the papers to an italian journalist... who then used them to write a bbsttselling bookkgabriele says he doesn'' feel like a thief... becauue the church and his leader.e for- israeli military experts are examiningg he remains of a mysterious drone... shot down after entering israeli's believed hh unmanned vessel didn't takk &
be big weel. 3 the city has completed the first step in a plan to make the edgar allan poe house and museum self-suuficient.the attraction has been urnnd over to the b-ann-o railroad &pmuseum.ooer the next year... with a newly-established non- prooit organization to get the poe house running again. cost tte city 85- thousand dollars a year to peep the poo house open before officials cut off funding in 2010 and closed it.the museemm ii expected to re-opee next year.the famous author lived at he west baltimore location from 11-32 to 18-35. coming up on tte early edition... an x-factor school... tooits feet. feet.the surprise performance givvn by a local musician. 3 ((break 1)) krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent aud
's nnw police commissioners first √°official√° day on thh ob. anthhny batts appeared at city hall for his cooffrmation heaaing last week anddlast night the city council gaae final approvaa.batts has been on the job since last month heewas the mayor'sschoice to replace fred bealefeld who retired in august after 30 years at the baltimore policee department.batts s the former chief of police for oakland, stateeleaders are calling for a moratorium... n the construction of a youth jaill in baltimore city. among themm.. is cityy councilman jack young... wwo wants to stop plans foo building the new 70-million dollaa juvenile lockup in east baltimmre.supporters of the offenders currently beinn eile - houssd wwth adults. but educational ppograms... that - have been shown to reduce crime.. "when you make the decision to spend money on effortssto lock them up nstead of investingg pn their education and their development you send a message that you believe that they are inherently bad and that they do not deserve that investment that message leaves no hope youth and the continued r success of ma
initiatiies for the city's school district. "i saw him on the first day of school and one of the teachers who knew him said 'this boo ann days and days,' and we approached him and said this diffeeent school year for you. we expect to see you here."in eighth grade, williams missed just five days of school.the he's now a sophomoreein high school with perfeet attendance especially in math."i got bs, and b-plusses nd one a."a johns hopkins universsty study estimates 5 to 7 and a half &pmillion k-12 students are chronicaaly absent each year. that means they miss one &pmaryland ---where the rate is 11 percent -- is one of just six states that track the issue."it's sort of a hidddn problem,,they say it's like actually creates havoc, buu we don't now ii because we're absences are most common in kindergarten and in high school.and low inccme students &pare more ikely to miss class -- often due to transportation or health issues and sometimes because they havv to worr or "we have to gg the extra mile. we're texting parents now, the school system tself is textiiggprincipals and saying you know there
there. mayor: vote for question seven. ogden: for baltimore. 3- it'ssa first on fox foolow-up to a crime and exposed how crimesswithin city schools are beeng tracked and possibly under-reporred. our of the schhol policeeunion..... and as crime and justice us.... the trend has outrrged some members f city council. council. ((pkg))) in the past nine months.... more than 150 assaults haae occured in city schools. crimes went &punreported tt baltimore city pplice. inntead an in-house referrals were written up. (stokes) 23:13:57 i caa't figure out exactly why o mann agencies don't ant to be trasparent. besides councilman carl stokes... there s alss concern froo the presidenttof tte school police union.(joy and unioo)1:31:00 when you look at tte number of weapons the reports handled internally it's almost double what was repootee to police. ok... that's a connern that'' a concern smiles. out of the handleddwith an in-houseee - referall... most involved recovered on sccool grounds but were never doccmented with a police report. union) p:34:04 iiwould say the in-house reporting is on
informationnat ll it may help him."police are releasing these photos of two men they shooting. 3 first on fox...a judge's decision could take police off the street in sooe of the city's moss dangerous neighborhoods.all of it... over paperwork.megan giililandd is liveefrom ciiy police headquartersswith more on the controversial change in policy. pood morning uys,many &pofficers don'' want to talk pbout it out of fear...the concern is possible retributiin by some judges. pudges.itts all over the use of electroniccsignatures on pharging 45's investigative teaa obtained this letter that bans the practice. it was written by district court chief judge ben clyburn last month... stating that an ink-on-paper signature is required.but some officers &ppn the city say a written signature amounts to more time off the street doinn paperwork. 15:18:24 the issue is do the sign their own statements their own reports of probable caase aad the answer i would say is yes in he past... charging ttansmittedd lecttonically. an approach strongly supported by the baltimore city ssatees attorney's offi
click on waste watch. 3 "first onnfox" investigation - that ound hundreds of rimes that ere nevvr reported to the ccty's mayor theehead of city schools... too talk about our investiiation. investigation.we uncovered doccmenns thattshow moreeand more crimes re beinn hhndled reported to city police.inthe past 9 months school pollce referrals than poliie reports assauuts also went unreported to's a troubling action.hat has mayor stephanie 3 (mayor) 13:29:15 that concerns me and i'm certainly going to as well as the school boardour teachers work too hard and make too many sacrifices to eesuue futureeof our community deserve to work n a safe - environment. ::5 :35 by keepinggcriiee &prrports to a miniium, schooos appear ssferrand also avoid being placcd on the state's also fiist on fox... a ""list. issarrested.... ii what police - are calling a violent home invv. three men... with barging into tying up a womanninnide... and holding her at gunpoiit.the victim mannged o grab a cell phooe and dial -1-1. when sheriff's deputies arrived, the suspects wwre (s
... suspected of a 13-year-old irl... is cleared of any wrongdoing. just released by the city s - sttte's attorney's offfce. megan gilliiand is live ffom police headquarters with reactton to the story you're seeing first on foo. good morning guys,in a juut released staaement... prosecutorr say officer johnn ward... from the easternn district... will not face criminal charges... because of insufficent evidence. evidence.ward was under investigation for his suspected involvement in the mmrder of 13-year-old monea turnage back in march.two young boys... ages 12 and 13... admitted o killing turnage.but ward... was suspended when policeefound trunk of his car.sources say e ward was dating the mother of one of those boys... and there were acccsations that he &pppayed a role in a possible cover up and may have even advised the boys on how to &han prosecutors say there just isn't enough evidence to prove that... a ddcision that turnage's family sn't happy with. (wright) "to me, i'm suspicious f him nd everyone else in the family is also.. should have got off so easily.." easily.."prosecutor
... for stabbing insideea baltimore city hiih school. school. it happened monnay... at heriiage high in the lake clifton complex. police arrested a 17-year-old darrell pohns... who's now facing several charges... including attempted first deggee murder. following the teen's bail review wednesday... johns' attorney told crime and justice reeootee joy lepola that his client is the real victim. 8:46:399it appears that theee are two vastly different stories here the state has made a claim of attempted where as sseaking with my grre client and his motter :50 it seems to be a case of self defense and bullying where the syytem failed my client :52 based onnthat argument... johns' attorney has been given an additional 24 hours to to support his bullying esses - the company that owns "hollywood casino" at charlestown races in westt bb governor o'mallly... for ccmmercials that ppose maryland.penn national gaaing .- is pending millions of dollars trying to defeat "question 7"... which would and allow another casino at - the national harbor in prince george's county.but the governor says the ads sugggs
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9